The IKEA app for iPhone

The IKEA application for iPhone capitalized on the use of mobile marketing to both raise brand awareness and directly boost sales. Customers could use the camera on their iPhones to scroll through the IKEA catalog and place an image of piece of furniture in the desired location within their bedroom, living room, office etc.

Key Learnings

Positive attributes of the app
  1. Use of augmented reality allowed users to see the furniture in the location they would like to place it
  2. The mobile app allowed IKEA to leverage the context of the situation (location of the consumer within their own home or office space)
  3. Engagement of the user means a more memorable experience, a wow factor and also a prolonged period of use

Potential Negatives
  1. As app is mobile based and applies somewhat advanced technology, there may be a generational gap and a lack of impact in the older generations
  2. Depending on the country, smartphone penetration could pose a restriction

Video Demonstration

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