The Evian Roller Baby Campaign was a high budget campaign that demonstrates the disparity between the effectiveness of the video in terms of ROI and brand-building exercise and the reach of the advertisement; Effectively retaining the customer's attention to the brand is also a matter of concern and should be analyzed while creating and launching such a video.

Although the virality of the campaign was astounding, which is evident from 50,994,656 views of the video but I feel that the purpose of creating the awareness of the brand was defeated as the Evian brand appears briefly at the start, in the middle and at the end of the video.The video is engaging and entertaining and the animated babies doing acrobats draw the attention of the audience, but the the delightful experience that the quality of animation, graphics, and content offers to the viewers doesn't ensure the right target audience and attainment of projected Return on Investment, as most of the people are viewing it for fun.

Despite the fact that the viral campaign was well-aligned, blended and timed with the media campaign, marketing strategy and and the "youth" message of the company, the focus of the viewers remained on the aesthetic setting of the video and smiling babies, which took the attention away from Evian brand. However, the campaign could have had more impact if the Evian brand was optimally highlighted, taking into account the jeopardizing effect of the catchy video.The following example illustrates the phenomenon quite well:
Following pictures demonstrate the analysis of effectiveness of an advertisement by monitoring the time spent by the viewers on different elements of the advertisement campaign. The heat-map technique, in which red color depicts the part which gets the most attention and time and the dark green color depicts the
part least noticed, is used for showing the results.

1.jpg 2.jpg
Picture1, Picture 2
In Picture1, the face of the baby gets most time and attention of the audience and the content and the product(diapers) and the brand name gets the least attention.
In Picture 2, As the baby is looking at the content, it drives the attention of the viewers towards the content and subsequently to the product and the brand name.
Thus, it is very evident that subtle nuances change the whole impact of the campaign and help in achieving the desired results. If Evian had taken care of these finer points, the campaign could have been much more effective.