eBay Group Gift App

The App

Ebay Group Gift is an innovative F-commerce feature or facebook Open Graph API. This is a shopping app of Ebay that integrates with facebook making the F-commerce experience more attractive and easy to use.
Ebay Group Gift enables you to easily coordinate with your facebook contacts, and go in together to give a gift to somebody else.

How it works

This is how it works: you invite as many friends as you want to donate a certain amount of money to buy a gift for other friend. You need to go to Ebay Group gifts and type the name of the person you want to give the gift or look it through your facebook contacts and choose the occasion (birthday, wedding, graduation, etc) and look for the perfect gift among any fix price item on Ebay. You can get gift ideas from your friend's facebook interests. Then you choose how much you want to contribute and pay with a PayPal account. there's a deadline for making contributions visible to everyone who joined the group. Then you invite the other contributors with a facebook message or sending an email. Once funded then you can purchase the gift like a normal ebay purchase.


Key Learnings.

Many companies still see these platforms as additional 'marketing tools' rather than realizing that a strategic shift in thinking is required.
Right now, many businesses are concentrating on gathering fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter and connections on LinkedIn, and here is where social media activity stops for most businesses. In itself this is fine. If a company understands the requirement to provide potential and existing customers with value, and these prospects engage with a business around that value, then a company can gain a share of that individual's 'attention'. This 'share of attention' is arguably the most precious asset a business can have and is vital in today's challenging and crowded market.

This is where the Ebay GroupGift app kicks in. Ebay understands that a great deal of their customers are in facebook and they came up with the idea of putting together a need (give a gift to a friend) with a communitary or social platform (facebook), a group interaction (you invite friends in common that want to join and participate with solving the need) and a product (bought by the facebook group in Ebay).

The social graph goes beyond just collecting followers, fans and connections. The social graph is about understanding those followers, fans and connections in a deeper way, in order to engage with an ever increasing number of people.
The idea of the social graph is to look at who is following and somehow connected to those individuals following you.

Social Graph API.

With so many websites to join, users must decide where to invest significant time in adding their same connections over and over. For developers, this means it is difficult to build successful web applications that hinge upon a critical mass of users for content and interaction. With the Social Graph API, developers can now utilize public connections their users have already created in other web services. It makes information about public connections between people easily available and useful.[1]

Facebook's Graph API allows websites to draw information about more objects than simply people, including photos, events, and pages, and their relationships between each other. This expands the social graph concept to more than just relationships between individuals and instead applies it to virtual non-human objects between individuals, as well.
Open Graph API presents a simple, consistent view of the Facebook social graph, uniformly representing objects in the graph (e.g., people, photos, events and pages) and the connections between them (e.g., friend relationships, shared content, and photo tags).[2]

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