What is Disney Tickets Together?

The Walt Disney Company launched inJune 2010 a Facebook app called Disney Tickets Together to pre-order “Toy Story 3” tickets on the social platform.This was the first of its kind application allowing Facebook users to buy tickets without leaving the social networking site and, at the same time, alerting the user’s Facebook friendsand prodding them to come alon. Also when users buy a ticket, anews’ feed post will be automaticallygenerated showing to all their network which show are they going – viral effect. “The whole idea is that no friend gets left behind", said Oliver Luckett, senior vice president and general manager of DigiSynd, a Disney subsidiary that manages the entertainment giant's social networking presence.

The power of social media

Facebook, which has around 500 million users around the world, has become a crucial marketing tool for entertainment companies. Disney alone operates hundreds of promotional pages on the site for its various products — motion pictures, theme park attractions, consumer articles, television shows — that cumulatively reach tens of millions of people.

In this specific case, this tool leverages social media power in three distinct ways: first, it allows people to buy tickets without leaving their Facebook page; second helps in organizing an event with friends, emphasizing the social experience; and third users can earn exclusive badges based on your activities! The more friends invited, dates selected, and events created, the better badges they receive.


“What Disney is doing moves beyond just creating awareness to using the platform to acquire customers directly,” Mr. Rose said. “This is the first time that a movie studio has tried this, which we think makes a lot of sense because movie going is one of those activities that is inherently social.” In fact, this application facilitates group planning and makes this buying much more than a activity – it is actually a fun experience. Additionally to this, this tool also helps in creating word of mouth about a movie and fosters impulse purchasing.


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