Guys Backflip into Jeans

"Guys backflip into jeans" is a viral video that was uploaded on youtube in early May 2008, where a group of four guys performed some acrobatic stunts like hopping and back flipping into a pair of jeans. The video has the feel and look of a homemade video, but it is actually a commercial from Levi’s produced by San Fransisco ad agency Cutwater to promote its new zipper less button-fly jeans. The video was a constant success, garnering over one million views on youtube within a week, and almost 8 million views to date.
What makes it different is that there is no mention of the Levi’s brand in the video. Levi’s did not want to over brand it and make it feel like advertising, as it wanted people to discover it on their own instead.

The Video

Key Learnings

  1. Create an emotional trigger to the brand
  2. Do not over brand it and let people find out about it on their own to create some sort of involvement
  3. Viral video is often successful when viewers consider it cool and funny