Interactive Mobile application which grants tourists an excellent way to see the landmarks of each city in a different approach with additional video footage from blockbuster films. As one carries the iPhone application open throughout the city, there are different areas of the city which have been used in a movie, and a clip from that particular film is shown in order to showcase the landmark under that film setting. In the case of the introductory video shown below, the pilot city was London, so there were a lot of clips from the movies Harry Potter and Notting Hill.



Some interesting videos I found regarding Augmented reality tourism and services which you might find interesting to watch:

a) Zagat Restaurant Guide - Agumented Reality on iPho

b) Augmented Reality Geo Travel Iphone App


The best take-away for this application based on Augmented Reality in London, is that it gives the user a great experience when they're looking at landmarks (in this case in London) for which the application with some investment could be adapted to some of the major cities across the world in order to make the travel experience that much richer (HK, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, New York, Paris, etc.)

Another idea for this type of augmented reality is, it can be implemented into tourism books in order to sell destinations where these type of images are printed to special books, flyers, webpages, etc. or with the example of the Omega watch campaign it can be added also for some types of typical food of a destination, or country, can show what one would feel like being in a particular hotel room (like a commercial), or adapt to a campaign like Tesco's shopping experience in South Korea, where looking at products or being inside a "supermarket" can take on a whole different perspective.

The material offers a lot more excitement with each location the person is looking at my giving them the particular space or area in a different setting weather it be during a celebration, or during a clip of a movie where that particular space was used. (in London, the example of Harry Potter is great because the movie has a great following and it will allow to continue to keep living the magic of the film through that particular iPhone application).


This type of technology, helps leverage the eCommerce opportunities in social media where it can allow one to share these sorts of clips, experiences, or videos through social networks and sell a destination directly to our own networks, if lucky push for our campaigns to undertake a viral marketing approach, which is another one of the reasons why mobile marketing is becoming more important, because one of the great advantages is that the customers, or in this case the users are connected almost 24/7, this among others is one of the unique attributes mobile devices have for marketing.

Taking all of the above points into consideration, one can see that through the mobile devices, there are great number of Synergies between search, social media and mobile marketing where a company might have to invest more on a high quality campaign, but the engagement with the customers, clients, etc. is much higher than almost any other medium, and in the long term the ROI is far greater than many other type of marketing tools.


- Omega watch campaign
- Tesco's shopping experience
- E-commerce opportunities in Social Media
- Importance of Mobile Marketing
- viral marketing
- unique attributes mobile devices have for marketing
- Synergies between search, social media and mobile marketing


- Augmented Reality in London: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6c1STmvNJc
- Zagat Guide Augmented Reality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkJfCvN7FUw
- Geo Travel Augmented Reality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpmAyen4sv0
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