1.What is a google Adwords campaign

AdWords is a Pay Per Click, advertising service offered by Google. It is the most popular PPC advertising available to businesses. Google Adwords can be a great way to position your brand effectively, capture new and returning clients, and advertise without large up-front costs. It is relatively easy to setup an AdWords campaign, however, running an effective campaign is not quite as easy.

2.How to set up a Google Adwords campaign

3.How it works


4.Sign up for your account

There are two ways of signing up to Google Adwords. One is to go to and sign up. Alternatively, you can access Adwords via your Gmail account, following the "Advertising Programs" link.

5.Research you key words

In order to make your Ad as effective as possible you have to use keywords that represent your product or service. The key words should be low in supply and high in demand, high in supply keywords will make it very expensive to position your site on Google's first page. The Google Adword Keyword toolcan help you find new relevant keywords and add them directly to your ad groups. To access the Keyword Tool from your account, click the Tools and Analysis drop-down menu and select Keyword Tool.

6.Create your first campaign

Create-your-first-google-adwords-campaign.pngName your campaign. Give you campaign a descriptive, self explanatory name. Select a geographic location and a language to target (you can select multiple locations and languages). The geographic location should match where your business is operating. Choose your daily budget; you can go back and change this on a daily basis.There's no minimum spending requirement.You pay per click on your ad,
you are charged only if someone clicks on your ad, not when it is displayed. Avoid assumptions. Google supplies keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing the right keywords and maximizing the budget. .

7.Add Keywords

Once you’ve chosen your keywords simply click on the keywords tab on your AdWords account and campaign screen. Begin adding your keywords. In addition there is a negative keywords space. Negative keywords are keywords you do not want your ad to show up for. For example, if you have the keywords, “chocolate cake” and your negative keyword is “bake” then anyone entering baking chocolate cake will not see your advertisement.


8.Add Text and headlines

Once you have added your keywords, you have to add your text and headlines. The maximum amount of characters for your headline is 25, for your two body copy lines each 35 characters.

9.Monitor your Adwords results


Use analytic tools